Hey, are any of you looking to hire a painter for a commissioned project?


Cool. Because I’m totally for hire.

If you’re interested in having me paint something for you, follow these easy instructions and get in touch!

Step 1
Send me a detailed description of what you’d like. Include whatever reference material you’d like me to work with.

What do I mean by reference material?

Well, if you’d like me to paint or draw a specific subject, send me a photo of that subject. If you want it painted in a certain colour palette, send me that too. If you’d like me to imitate a certain style, show me or do your best to describe what you’re after.

Or you can leave all of the above to me.

Try to be thorough and complete. Once the work is finished, all additions, changes, and revisions will cost extra.

Note: My commission plan is for works created digitally. If you’d like something in another media (original pencil drawings for example), make sure to specify that in your proposal.

Step 2
After reading what you’d like me to work on, I’ll send you a quote for price and an estimate of time.

Subject matter and style has a huge impact on time, and therefore price. Bear in mind that the more elaborate your request, the more difficult and time consuming it will be for me to paint, and that has a direct impact on cost.

A simple portrait of a single subject, for example, is much less labour intense than a group of people, or a landscape, or a group of people standing in a landscape.

Step 3
Ok, now that everything’s good to go, I require an advance of 50% of the total projected before I get to work. The remainder can be paid on receipt of the finished image.

There are no refunds on the advance and payment plans are easily negotiated. I don’t mind taking regular installments.

Step 4
Remember, I’m a digital painter, and therefore the image you’ve commissioned is not physical. The price of a digital work is less because you’re paying for labour only, and not materials or shipping.

At this point, you have options for physical media.

A) Print it yourself: Go to your favourite printmaker/framer and get the image printed at whatever size you like.

B) Get me to print it: I can handle the printing for you, but this will require additional fees and time depending on the media you’d like it printed to and what slice of the planet you live on. This fee must be provided up front.

Once I have your order on hand, I’ll send you another quote and I can get your order ready to ship.

Contact me here: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Email

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