Flowers in my Books

Much of my recent sketchbook work has been done whilst out at the neighbourhood diner, or hanging out with friends at their house in the midst of pre-sale, pre-travel renovations (something you can read more about over here at Jill’s travel blog).

At least two of these drawing sessions took place in their epic gardenscape since the days have grown longer and warmer. Rather than turning inward, I tried to capture what I saw in front of me using a limited palette of coloured pencils.


The strange orange/blue/green frosting of unripe blueberries.

Instead of finding the specific colour I’m looking for, I dash straight at it with the building blocks of that colour; the primaries that build others. I don’t even think as I’m doing it. It’s autonomic.

I haven’t done much in the way of major paintings since diving into my sketchbooks, but I’m confident that my next painted work will carry the strengths I’ve discovered in this medium.


These are original works on large sketchbook paper, suitable for framing and display should the urge strike you to buy one. In lieu of that, if you enjoy reading my writes and seeing my scratchings, feel free to throw me a coin or two. My hat’s just over there.

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Adventure: Trail Running 01

I’m really quite lucky to live where I live. My house sits right on the edge of a forest that runs through the heart of the city, and I can sneak out the back at any time – unseen by human eyes – and make it almost anywhere through the spiderweb of trails that cross it.

No roads, no buildings, no cars – just the ancient peace of the forest all the way from my door to wherever I need to go.

Day 1: Back on the Trails

Day 1: Back on the Trails

Over the years that I’ve lived here, I’ve made regular use of these trails to go shopping, to deliver art, to visit restaurants, or to get to an event. Why? Well, not only are the trails often the fastest footpath from A to B, but they’re fantastically, wildly, gorgeously scenic. I mean, who’d seriously want to walk around on boring old sidewalks near cars full of people when you could slip into the cool, dark forest, have an adventure, and pop up somewhere else in town like a woodland ninja?

If your answer is “I prefer sidewalks”, then you’re doing something disastrously incorrect with your life.

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