Art: Friday Self Portrait 005

Now you’re playing with power. Nintendo Power.

1 UP

1 UP

Yes, that’s right. I’m Mario. Shigeru Miyamoto created me in a Japanese mushroom garden back in the 1980s, and I’ve been power jumping from turtle shell to turtle shell on the other side of a cathode-ray-tube every since. My princess is always in another castle, and I’ll never be done saving her.

Absent is Luigi, because he’s a dick.

And now for something else.

Since this self portrait exercise seems to be firmly locked in as a weekly habit at this point, I might take the opportunity to use it as a sort of check-in with what’s going on in my life; particular to nothing really, except the time that’s passed since the last.

Media of the Week:

This concert has really been stuck in my head all week.

I’d seen Camera Obscura perform their new album Desire Lines live a couple of years ago at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. The new material stuck out in my mind then, though I didn’t pick up the album until much later. I did however get a cool shirt.

A few nights ago I was in my theatre chasing myself down some musical rabbit holes, when I happened upon Camera Obscura’s 4AD session – recorded right around the time I saw them.

The full set list is not only beautifully lit, shot, and edited, but the musical performances surpass their studio counterparts. I was so into it I ended up watching the whole thing a couple of times over.

The two that really stand out to me are “Fifth in Line to the Throne” and “Every Weekday” – both swapping places as the record playing constantly on the turntable in the back of my head.

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