Art: Friday Self Portrait 004

Last time I started with blue and came up with a strange undersea scenario as a result. This time I started with green imagining I’d end up putting trees and sasquatches all around in every corner. Actually, I kind of hoped I’d just use the green as a base hue and just work my way up into something really weird.

Self Portrait 004As you can see, I stuck with green and worked it up into a sort of yellow green for highlights. Oh, and rather than woodsy nonsense I went with Frankenstein’s monster. Because reasons.

I’m finding these relatively easy to put out. It makes me want to get more ambitious with them without openly committing myself to doing more work. I might experiment next time and see what more I can do. Or maybe I’ll just do it red and try again the week after. As long as there’s a Friday and I still have a face to paint, there’s another opportunity to try something else.

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