Art: Valentine’s Day

With the ship of holiday sales having sailed by without much notice, I had decided I might actually make a go at creating some art for Valentine’s day. I am, if nothing else at all, a hopeless and unabashed romantic, and the idea of putting my weight of my ability behind the subject of love was much more appealing than the cash-grabby fiasco surrounding Christmas.

With that target in mind, I gathered a few partners together and organized a pop-up shop to be held between the beginning of February the fortnight hence.

The first in the series: "I love you with all of my Art".

The first in the series: “I love you with all of my Art”.

A pop up shop allowed us the freedom to display our work without having to compete with other artists in a gallery or a retail shop, and also let us set our own hours and dates. We also didn’t have any rules to follow, and didn’t have to lose any profits to the host organism. So, why not? Our stuff was cool enough to draw a crowd all on its own.

Once the plan was set in motion, I painted new work every day until I had a full collection.

So many moons.

So many moons.

Throwing caution to the wind, I emptied my bank account and ordered as many cards, stickers, and art prints as I could. My co-conspirators would provide hand-made cards of their own, together with home-made cosmetics, jewellery, and baked goods. I had also promised a couple of live painting performances and a few valentine’s day themed virtual reality experiences delivered via the Oculus Rift.

Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.

Howl and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Here’s the event description I had written.

Valentine’s Day approaches fast oh friends and lovers thou, and we’re planning to celebrate love and romance in style with a pop-up-shop event open for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day itself. Come check out our original artwork, prints, cards, jewellery, stickers, baked goods, candy, and cosmetics – all hand-crafted to be that perfect, lovely, amazing gift for your sweet someone.

So let fly cupid’s arrows! Be ye a hopeless or hopeful romantic, we invite you to come celebrate the love you love with us.

It’s Valentine’s Day as I write this, but let me assure you love and romance never go out of style. If you have a sweetheart, you’ll never go wrong giving them a card or a gift to show your appreciation. Love doesn’t require a special day. It also doesn’t require money to express.

I realize I’m shooting myself in the foot a bit here, but listen up: You needn’t buy one of my cards or anyone else’s for that matter – just take a sheet of paper, fold it, draw a heart, and write “I love you”.

It would mean more than anything you bought from me. Trust me.

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